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This video is of a very bad landing by a Monarch A320-214 at Birmingham Airport during heavy crosswinds. The winds were 230 at 16kt gusting 28kt on the METAR as we left. This aircraft is seen arriving from Dubrovnik in Croatia. Date Filmed: 15th September 2013. Reg: G-OZBW c/n;1571 I filmed this video from the Sheldon Country park at the end of Runway 15. This could be classed as a bad landing, but really, the pilots did a good job in getting her down safely. But I suspect a few passengers on board wouldn’t be too happy! This aircraft was built in 2001 but wasn’t delivered to Monarch until 2012 from Thomson Airways. I went spotting with my great buddy Archie, subscribe to him here, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching! Please like, comment and subscribe for weekly Full HD videos.

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  1. Congratulations to the Pilots for managing to deliver a super landing considering the awful and challenging weather conditions of the Crosswind. I'd call this an excellent landing , and not what is in your description in Title of video. Job very well done in my opinion 🙂

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  3. I'd expect a hard word from company for such a landing zone overshoot. Nothing wrong with the landing other than that…

  4. maybe he didn't go around because of fuel. not a very bad landing, but maybe just a bit rough.

  5. Pilots seemed very cool but I hope they were ready to initiate the go-around TOGA as it floated for some way. Check pilots wouldn't be too happy, unles it had made several attempts already and had less than 5000lb of fuel on board left.
    In this situation the pilots seemed a bit passive with the situation which is what you don't want. Good landing in terms of dealing with crosswinds but they were quickly running out of runway.
    I would have initiated the go around. It was a A320 though and probably on a longer runway. Ill have to check.

  6. I laugh at people who complain about bad service on a plane. I don't give a shit about the service. All I care about is them getting me there in 1 piece.

  7. All you dimwits getting butt hurt over the 'bad landing' title.. get a grip! It's not a criticism against the pilot. The weather conditions caused a bad landing, that's all!

  8. First of all… every landing, itself, its a good landing! Secondly… bad landing…. depending on what?? Because the conditions are allways totally different! So in the conditions of above, 28 knots winds… this is not only bad.. but really really good! 😛

  9. The biggest problem is that they are flying Airbus. Airbus is an inferior product to Boeing. Never buy anything made by socialists.

  10. Sorry to say this. Not a good landing. Very high flare with energy lost. Not the best attitude control. Confirmed by the bounce

  11. The landing flare was very high, they lost airspeed as the pitched up while losing lift, touching down hard causing the bounce… They should have gone around.Most of the airlines train their pilots to abort the landing after a bounce, because of the high risk of a tail strike.Luck was on their side.

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