Aviation expert David Gleave explains the possible reasons why the Germanwings Airbus A320 crashed in the French Alps with 150 people on board

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  1. No, the fact is that cut-price airlines would like to fly planes on autopilot, and do without pilots and co-pilots. It's that German vice of avarice which whispered to Lufthansa that a little push in the right direction could double their profits.

  2. otro loco aleman que mata gente,esto es desde la epoca de hitler, se destacan por ser asesinos sin importarle nada, tienen el cerebro conectado al ano y se creen seres superiores a los demas, nosotros somos sudacas pero con la cabeza bien puesta.

  3. What is it with planes falling out of skies lately?
    Are we being invaded by a superior force and no one has said anything?
    Something fishy is going on….are we being set up for something HUGE?

  4. There is three possible answers to the question asked in the title:
    a) The Plane Crashed
    b) The Plane Crashed
    c) The Plane Crashed
    But maybe the plane just crashed….

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