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Onboard Wizzair’s 08:20 flight W62202 from London Luton to Budapest on Thursday
2nd January 2014! Nice flight again with Wizz and a great, cheap day out to Hungary! However the flight was about 40 minutes late setting off from Luton, not entirely sure why as the aircraft was in with plenty of time to spare.

Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Flight Number: W6 2202
Seat: 4F
Engine Type: IAE V2500
Date: 2nd January 2014
Departure Time: 08:20, actual (approx. 09:00)
Flight Duration: 2 hours 5mins (approx.)
Cruising Alt: 37,000ft (FL370)
Departure Runway: RWY26
Arrival Runway: RWY13R
Route: LTN-BUD

Check out the other videos taken this day at Budapest and on the return flight!

Thanks for watching!
(As always by *Full Flight* I mean includes every step of the flight from Boarding until Disembarkation. So if you’re stupid enough to even consider leaving me a comment about the fact the flight is over 2 hours and this video is 38 minutes, don’t waste your time. If you’re expecting a 2 hour + video of nothing, you’ve come to the wrong channel.)


  1. did you know if you fly for a 3 day short break . wizz air will charge you £86 for waring your own clothes.. now if there is two of you with hand luggage it would cost f–kin £192 3 days what a frigging ripp off ,, what a scam. what a fraudulant crime. SAY NO TO WIZZ AIR THE NEW DAY CROOKS AND PIRATES., SARDINE CANS. YES NICE LANDING THO'

  2. Very nice landing. One thing about flying to Continental Europe is you always see loads of other aircraft !
    Booked Budapest in Jan with Norwegian there and Easyjet return to/from LGW. 
    Great video as always thanks.

  3. Mikor, milyen nap volt nem November 14 2013ban?
    Mert mi is azzal a járatszámú géppel mentünk, ami szintén reggel 08:20 indult!

    Wich date was this flight to budapest? Was it in 14th of November 2013? I've went exactly the same flight number W62202 on 14/11/2013!

  4. Nice video! There are a few native english men and women who want to come in Hungary, but a lot more hungarian people want to go to the UK.  

  5. I'm Hungarian, and yes, a Wizz Air is a Hungarian airline. I really like your videos. Keep it up! What will be your next Wizz destinations? 🙂

  6. Very well done again Matt. Pity about the clapping Muppets at the end. That's just a personal dislike though. Great camera work throughout particularly zooming in on the dots.

  7. Of course to legalist, literalists 'full flight' could also mean – no spare seats, never flying in a vacuum, or, perhaps actually getting off the ground, half flight being half the wheels still on the ground etc, etc. Sorry you get irked by naff responses, but not surprised!!!!!

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