***This is amazing! XXXXL Jet Airliner Indoor flight! Enjoy watching.***
Huge, biggest, gigantic Airbus A320 flies indoor over all people! A great fun for all!!!
Wingspan: 4,8m
Weight: 350g
Show: Airstage.de
© Thomas Petschel, RC RC RC!!!
Model Fair Stuttgart 2016, Modellbau Messe Stuttgart, Airbus Hallenflug, Biggest plane for indoor flight


  1. its awesome because ive never seen an airplane moving slow. (im not hating but its fenomenal that it still can fly even in a slow moving.)

  2. What the fuck is wrong with people in here saying, it's flying in "scale speed". This has a span of 4,8m (video desc.), the real plane has 34,1. So basically it's 1:7. That means, that if the real plane flies 700kph, the model should fly 100kph and this one is flying like 15-20.

  3. lol, this is the most fakest and gayest shit I've seen on YouTube. Wow, really. How much more fake and gay can they take it, it's not real. Stupid ass mofos.

  4. you guys can't expect it to have an engine in it. if it had an engine it would have literally blasted super fast and it would need a proper runway. its filled with helium and it acts just like a blimp. that's whit it had a vertical descent and landing.

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