Flight in X-Plane 10 between Amsterdam (EHAM) and Düsseldorf (EDDL) with JARDesign’s Airbus A320.


  1. Great video. How do you set the radio frequencies in the Neo? I can't seem to set them to AM to communicate with the ground or tower :S

  2. Im really confused with this aircraft. Ive been flying boeing since fs98 up until x plane 10. i bought the neo coz i thought it was cool. everytime i level off. AP always disconnect. I dont know why. 🙁

  3. Mit Ravikant This is our Airbus native ground vic., sound and etc
    Tom Shilling. Autopilot disconnecting when you touch Joystick (check you zero zone)
    Berk Piroğlu. Classic and neo winglets

  4. Sorry if my name fools ya. I'm a big nerd with anything flight. I'm a game, I got the name from one dude I played against on BF3. Anywhoo…good vid. Thank you for the post. Awesome. I do use the name to troll I won't lie. But I never troll the vid poster. I troll the trolls on the comments. It's fun. Good vid dude, TY.

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