An X-Plane 11 video featuring the Jar Designs A320!

Takeoff at Heathrow, landing at Manchester.

It’s my first attempt at a video like this so be nice 😉 The audio was way off and the plane itself was too loud; but this will be improved in the next video.


Pushback & Engine Start – 4:45
Takeoff – 8:15
Disaster (Pressurisation Failure) – 13:48
Decent – 24:00
Final Approach – 26:35
Touchdown – 27:38
Arrival at Gate – 32:42

Thanks for Watching!

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  1. the cockpit goes black because the cabin loses air pressure and you suffer from hypoxia i think u need to turn on bleed air
    of course xplane 11 passengers have no lives lol

  2. How did you get the jar a320 to work on x plane? Everytime i try the cockpit loads all distorted as though it hasnt lined the cockpit objects up properly leading me to think it isnt XP11 compatible?
    Also where did you get the dove livery?

  3. I think i just had the best feeling i have had in a long time when i put my headphones on and heard those engine sounds just before you hit toga.

  4. Can you show us a night flight because with my a320 when i fly during night lighting is really bad for the instruments, middle screen and autopilot information, do you know what the problem is ?

  5. that was a lot of attitude (pitch) after rotate about 500ft above the ground. your passengers probably thought they were in a space shuttle launch!

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