Exactly the opposite to the last video – with two noticeable exceptions:

We are using Ortho4XP
We are using the A320-NEO V3 by Jar Design


Pushback and Engine Start: 08:30
Taxi: 10:05
Takeoff: 12:55
Climb: 17:30
Cruise: 19:20
Thumbnail: 23:19 (Not clickbait :D)
Final Approach: 29:35

Please watch: “(X Plane 11) Toulouse to Gibraltar | Airbus A320-200!”



  1. is this a default x plane apart of the airbus? I mean I watched other videos where city lights look very very incredible (night of course) do I have to add any addon to get that? is there any addon for weather for textures of clouds and sunrise and sunsets rain etc like rex for fsx? does x plane have dynamic lights like prepard3d ? sorry I don't know anything about x plane but I'm seeing that is better than those simulators. by the way excellent video!

  2. Jaaaack! I have a little question hope you see this: How do you enable the prompt that comes out when you land that rates your landing?, also how do you enable the voice checklist or whatever that's called haha, thanks in advance and again, awesome channel! 🙂

  3. Hello
    and good night !! I need a help since I have the A 320 Neo and I do not
    know how to remove the sleeves of the engines as well as the cones in
    the wings and the chocks of the wheels and I do not know what to look at
    or how to do it. If someone can give me a hand .Thanks Thank you for
    answering.Abrazo for this community.

  4. Your reverses worked but when the aircraft leaped off the ground, they disengaged. I learned this the hard way with the jar a320 at London city and may have overran it… :/

  5. What a hilarious video! I think what you said at 3:15 earnt you another subscriber, as well as the rest of the language you used in the video! BTW, were you using the BSS pack or the default sounds for this video? Because one thing is for sure: I am definitely purchasing this aircraft soon – thanks to you, sir!

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