From the skyscrapers of Seattle to the countryside of Washington State in the Jar Designs A320-200 NEO

Flight Plan:


Made using EFASS


Pushback & Engine Start – 09:35
Taxi – 11:50
Takeoff – 14:40
Cruise – 20:30
Thumbnail – 28:03
Approach – 30:04
Final – 41:15
Touchdown – 41:58
Arrival at Gate – 46:45
Add-ons Used – 47:35


Visual Effects: High
Texture Quality: High
Antialiasing: 4xFXAA
Number of World Objects: High
Reflection Detail: Minimum

Please watch: “(X-Plane 11) Basel to Manchester | Boeing 737-300!”



  1. Hg = Symbol for mercury, in = inches, inHg = inches of mercury. It is how we measure barometric pressure in the states

  2. dude of course that's not what Seattle looks like. That's because it's behind you… to the north…you were initially flying south lol

  3. Hey everytime i put my flight plan in the fmc it keeps saying AWY/WPT MISMATCH do you know how to fix this it happens with every waypoint and airway and its pissing me off lol

  4. The mountains to the west in relationship to KSEA are the Olympic mountains, the moutains to the east – are the cascades –

  5. Just found your channel, and I love it. Your editing is great, as well as commentary. Its helping me learn as well. Keep up the good work.

  6. "We're flying pretty much direct south then we're gonna make a turn and another turn and another turn and another turn and another turn down here and then we're gonna land. Pretty much how planes work." -JackCole2017

  7. what sort of frame rates are you getting? I'll be getting a laptop with a 1050 4GB GDDR5 and I was wondering what sort of frame rates and at what settings I can expect. Also looking to get the JAR A330

  8. NOTAMs are Notices to Airmen. They contain time-sensitive info that pertains mostly to the safety of the flight. For example, they'll tell the pilot if a runway is closed, or if there's a flock of birds they need to watch for (actually called a BIRDTAM), and more.

  9. Hey, do you use real weather connecter for skymaxx pro? or not?

    Also, when will you upload again? Love your video's!

  10. Hey jack love your channel mate you've convinced me to buy xplane. Just a question would it run ok on any computer? Not really fussed about ad ons or anything I'd be happy with whatever comes with it plus a few extra planes of course but would it run fairly smoothly on just a run of the mill Intel desktop? Or would it be worth it to spend the extra cash and get a decent gaming computer? Cheers

  11. Can you do a flight in a dash8 q400? would really love to see that but it's your choice! Anyways great video thumb's up brother. 🙂

  12. Hey Jack I have a small question for you. You say Xplane has its own ground services available how do I toggle these. Also I need your opinion I am currently running Xplane 11 on a macbook air and have a PC build planned. Should I by Xplane before the beta ends or before? Because I have trouble running the bigger planes so I am not sure weather to buy now or wait. Thanks In advance.

  13. Jack nice Video. but there are many errors. Take Off: On big airports you must use the MAN FLEX .. , SRS and RUNWAY and anywhere. or landing you must see the go around altitute on your Autopilot system. But the rest was very good.  And i hope you flight to Madeira LPMA. Its my home airport. its sometimes difficult (in Reallife) but i hope you try one day a approch. 😀

  14. hi jack, I want to know your PC configuration, because I have to upgrade the PC with a new cpu, I was undecided whether to take the AMD or Intel 1700x i7-7700k, I have on a asus gtx 1060 6 gb may be enough, your appearance reply thanks

  15. Nice video man. You can set the go around altitude by simply adjusting the altitude set in the autopilot panel, at least for ILS approaches.

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