A chaotic takeoff from the south of France to the British territory of Gibraltar in the Airbus A320 by Jar Design.


Pushback and Engine Start: 05:20
Start Taxi: 07:15
Takeoff: 09:40
Climb: 15:40
Cruise & News: 18:15
Half Way Update: 27:25
Top of Decent: 37:30
Approach: 43:55
Long Final: 51:30
Runway in Sight: 56:50
Touchdown: 59:00

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Apologies for the sounds once again – I’m working on a fix.

Please watch: “(X-Plane 11) Basel to Manchester | Boeing 737-300!”



  1. What is the plugin you use to get that window on the left of the screen. The one where you call tow and do the checklist?

  2. I have trouble maintaining control of the jardesign in normal circumstances, do you have any tips?
    PS: what sounds are you using?

  3. I think more explosions are needed, and fire and a pandemic on the plane… Then you will become the one true captain clueville

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