Some great shots of the nice A380 at Zurich / Switzerland


  1. Those engines of the series 'Trent' have the best take off sounds. Hear the American 777-223 (Trent 800), the A340-642(Trent 500) or A380 (Trent 900), but 'Trent 1000'(engine thats power 787 'Dreamliner') has a sound like GEnx (engine thats power 787 'Dreamliner'/747-8)/GE90 (engine that power 777-2/300[E/LR])

  2. Great recordings! i recently did FRA-JFK on SIAs 380! JFK-FRA will follow soon! take offs, landings, and reports will follow om our channel the next weeks 🙂 subscribed btw

  3. Jealous that in other country. People can stand just beside the airport and look at the take off and landing. In Singapore if we do that. The police will come to you.

  4. Wonderful set showing off this amazing aircraft. Top sound too.

    Just flew overnight from Singapore to Melbourne on SKB and enjoyed every minute. Thanks SQ, you are by far the best airline I have ever flown on.

  5. new beast of airbus a380 singapore airline.zurich.zrh.ama thonk you comefrom youtube videos thonk you by mautu ioapo gooday 21.2014 in my loatpo compter thonk you  from mautu ioapo  

  6. Excellent video! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I wish there is a place like that in singapore to view the planes xD

  7. I love this jet! If you like 747, L1011 and DC-8s then you should love jet, because it like a hybrid of all three. BTW is me are do it seem like quad jets can not climb worth a darn.

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