The world's largest passenger aircraft A 380
Please enjoy the trip to Dubai from Amsterdam.
February 6, 2015
Emirates EK 148 Amsterdam-Dubai
The world's largest passenger plane A 380
Please enjoy your journey from Amsterdam to Dubai.
February 6, 2015
Emirates EK 148 Amsterdam-Dubai
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  1. Good stuff.. Tho I can't help but wonder how much fuel was wasted taxing thru the damn countryside just to get to that far reaching runway..

  2. Hey bro beautiful video. Could you please tell me what's the seat number you sitting on? That would be a real help. Appreciated , God bless!!!

  3. God!!! … poor guy …. break the luggage-car …. and his balls ….. well ….. (at 02:30 minutes) … anyway, congratulation … very nice video!!! … what brand and camcorder type did you use?? …

  4. Just became the 200th person to like this video! At 12:45 there is a Kenya Airways B77W parked at the gate. KQ have since disposed of these from their fleet and will soon have phased the B772ER out as well.

  5. What an awesome lump of metal A380 is, you can hear a muffled fart 10 rows behind you on takeoff 😀
    Thanks a mill for this great video

  6. Amazing video and trip report.Lucky you had a sunshine weather in Schiphol.The A380 looks so massive.Excellent job as always.thanks for sharing.

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