PilotsEYE.tv shows for the first time a complete circulation in an A380, on the occasion of the last flights of the highest ranking pilot of Lufthansa, Jürgen Raps. A special ritual of the airports is the farewell with so-called water salute. An approximately 50-meter-high water arc from two fire-breathing suits is sprayed over the aircraft. Underpainted by the overture from "Tannhauser" by Richard Wagner, Raps' favorite composers.

– First time with pictures of the Onboard Airshow
– What even pilots only dream of
– The seventh eye in the rudder
– Golden Gate Bridge cloudless
– Two mice and no cheese
– Braked to the point
– Swinging runway
– Greenland
– Once the A380 climb to the roof
– Thanks to ash cloud one hour faster
– Once in a lifetime under the Golden Gate


The 12th episode shows for the first time the entire round-trip flight in the A380-800 Lufthansa pilot, Jürgen Raps. A special ritual at airports is saying goodbye with the so-called water salute in which approx. 50-meter high arches of water are sprayed over the aircraft by two fire trucks. In the background you can hear the overture to "Tannhäuser" by Richard Wagner, Raps' favorite composer.

– The Golden Gate – not a cloud in the sky
– Once in my life under the Golden Gate
– What even pilots can only dream of
– Just once on top of an A380
– The seventh eye on the tail
– Greenland, land of beauty
– Swinging runway
– The enabler
– Stopping on a dime
– Two mice and no cheese
– Water fountains and fanfares
– Thanks to you
– Live your dream, do not dream your life

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