Watch our pilots give an immersive 360-view tour of the flight deck controls of an Emirates A380, the world’s largest commercial aircraft. To enjoy the 360-video experience, move your mobile device or navigate by touching the screen. If you are using a desktop, click and drag the video to view from any angle.
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  1. I hope live cockpit camera to be fix in Flights and monitor by Traffic Control room in every destination. That can support Pilots for prevent any Hijack…then create one job post in every traffic control room…

  2. The 360 degree projection is the absolute best thing I have ever seen. On iPad it doesn't even have to be running to be active. …So,Cool!!!

  3. I bought him an A380 for my son's sixteenth birthday so he could joy ride with his high school buddies, but I never let him fly it outside the house.

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