5 Most Luxurious Private Aircrafts Ever Made – YOU HAVE TO SEE.
5 Of The Most Expensive Airplanes – YOU MUST SEE.

5. Dassault Falcon 900
4. Gulfstream G550
3. Boeing 747-8
2. Embraer Legacy 650
1. Airbus A380

Dassault Falcon 900:
This plane simulates luxury beauty. It has been made specifically to be super-sleek, sleek and fast. If you are wondering what kind of aircraft is sleek and fast, the Dasssault Falcon 900 is the plane for you. It is capable of reaching speeds of over 500 mph. It is very comfortable in harsh conditions.

Gulfstream G550:
Some of the wealthy owners of the $ 60 million plane include Lakshmi Mittal and Phillip Green. They are all entrepreneurs. This is a very fast aircraft that can travel from Florida to South Korea in just 15 hours. Not only is it known for its speed but also its elegance, it has a seat for 18 people, configures 12 floors and 4 living areas. It has an infrared camera that helps to fly in low visibility.

Boeing 747-8:
With just $ 150 million you can get your hands on this truly luxurious and wonderful aircraft. That’s the amount of money Joseph Lau, one of the real investors has to offer this plane. It was a custom plane for him. It has amusement space, private offices and several individual suites. It is also very economical on the fuselage.

Embraer Legacy 650:
Brazilians are very intelligent, friendly and intelligent, they have created a luxury plane for rich and wealthy people called Embraer Legacy 650. One of the famous celebrities in the world possesses machines. This fly is Jackie Chan. One outside Jackie Chan’s plane, he marked it using the yellow and red dragons. He did not stop there because he also had a plane drawing his logo. This plane is the true definition of being a celebrity or a rich man in the world.

Airbus A380:
This is another high class aircraft you can get as Prince Alawaleed bin Talal, a Saudi business investor with only $ 300 million. This is the most expensive aircraft ever and it is also the largest aircraft ever. It has 2 levels where both have lots of entertainment rooms, suites and living space.

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