This Dubai-bound Airbus A380 was forced to return to Sydney on Sunday night after an engine fire broke out just minutes after takeoff.

The Emirates Airlines ‘Superjumbo’ was carrying 380 passengers when it ran into trouble as it climbed through 10,000 feet.

Passengers aboard the giant, double-decker aircraft said the plane experienced a judder before they saw flames shooting several yards out of one of its four engines.


“The aircraft returned, dumped fuel and then landed at Sydney about two hours after it had taken off.”

But this isn’t the first time the A380 has run into trouble.

A mid-air engine blow-out in November 2010 prompted Australia’s Qantas Airlines to ground its entire fleet of ‘Superjumbos’ for nearly a month.

The type has also been affected by cracks in the wings on a small number of planes.

There are 18 airlines currently operating the aircraft, while a total of 262 orders have been placed.

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