This plane is absolutely huge! Listen to those massive Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines as we roll down Runway 9 and slowly climb out of the Miami area! The wingspan is so large! Very long long takeoff roll! This plane seemed liked it needed every inch of that runway! The flight was completely sold out with 526 people on board! I’ve been wanting to get a flight on this aircraft for a long time! Had to zoom in a little due to the deep window wells! Excellent view of downtown Miami and Miami Beach on climb out! Fantastic service on board! Nice weather with a moderate breeze off the Atlantic Ocean! Filmed from the forward cabin of economy class on board Lufthansa! Flight 463 to Frankfurt. 5/12/14.

Dieses Flugzeug ist absolut riesig! Hören Sie sich diesen massiven Rolls Royce Trent 900-Triebwerken, wie wir rollen Runway 9 und langsam aus der Gegend von Miami zu klettern! Die Flügelspannweite ist so groß! Sehr lange lange takeoff roll! Diese Ebene schien mochte es nötig jeden Zentimeter dieser Piste! Der Flug wurde komplett mit 526 Menschen an Bord verkauft! Ich wollte schon einen Flug auf dieser Flugzeuge für eine lange Zeit! Musste in einem kleinen aufgrund der tiefen Fenster Brunnen vergrößern! Hervorragende Sicht auf Downtown Miami und Miami Beach am Aufstieg aus! Fantastischer Service an Bord! Schönes Wetter mit einem mäßigen Brise vom Atlantik! Von der vorderen Kabine der Economy-Class an Bord von Lufthansa Gefilmt! Flug 463 nach Frankfurt. 5/12/14.

Este avión es absolutamente enorme! Escuche a esos enormes Rolls Royce Trent 900 motores a medida que introducimos por la pista 9 y subimos lentamente fuera de la zona de Miami! La envergadura es tan grande! Muy largo, largo despegue roll! Este avión parecía gustó que necesitaba cada centímetro de esa pista! El vuelo estaba completamente lleno con 526 personas a bordo! He estado esperando para conseguir un vuelo de este avión durante mucho tiempo! Tuvo que acercarse un poco debido a los huecos de las ventanas de profundidad! Excelente vista del centro de Miami y Miami Beach, el ascenso hacia fuera! Fantástico servicio a bordo! Buen tiempo con una brisa moderada del Océano Atlántico! Filmado desde la cabina delantera de la clase turista a bordo de Lufthansa! Vuelo 463 de Frankfurt. 05/12/14.

Airline: Lufthansa, LH
Plane: Airbus A380-841
Aircraft Delivery: 7 May 2011
Reg: D-AIMG “Wien”
Flight Number : LH463
Airports: Miami International Airport MIA KMIA
Runway Used: RWY 9
Date: 12 May 2014
Flight duration: 8h 30mins
Delay: 51mins
Time of day: 5:31pm/1743
Seat: Row 58, Seat 58K
Destination: Frankfurt Airport

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  1. just look at the size of that thing! this plane makes the wright brothers' airplane look like an atom lol

  2. That was pretty cool ! Very Massive Very loud but I wish these Video's could have the sound filtered a bit better but I guess you'll have that !

  3. WOW I Can't Believe On How Quiet The Take Off Is & The Sound Of The engine. You Can't Really Hear It. The Take Off Roll Is Certainly Long.

  4. British Rolls-Royce growlers providing the thrust to make the British (Welsh) wings fly the French Aluminium tube

  5. I hate how some routes require planes to turn right when they get in the sky. Feels like your going down and that's a horrible feeling

  6. Damn. Dude. The biggest plane I've been on is an American Airlines 787 Dreamliner from ORD to DFW. MIA is one of the coolest airports to fly in and out of.

  7. Are there any A380 pilots here? I didn't realize that in today's era that the turbofan for commercial jet engines produces about at least 75-80% of the planes total power output? How can a turbofan if ones that big and spinning that fast produce so much power alone?! lol someone please enlightening me. 🙂 I know this aircraft has 4 engines but it sill seems silly that these fans alone produce so much of the thrust to get something like an A380 moving. It just seems absurd haha.

  8. timed that with my wrist watch second hand, from dead stop to in the air.. about 55 Seconds. Didn't have much runway left!!!

  9. After lift off them engines sound like the vibrating noise of a garbage disposal lol haven't these turbine builders figures out vibration and noise don't equate to long engine life and smooth performance. Might as well put a few Harley engines on and vibrate the heck out of the passengers and plane. I really can't believe I'm hearing such a loud obnoxious sound from a new engine. We maybe I should believe it they do pattern them from older designs. I'd rather listen to a turbo prop.

  10. I said it before and I'll say it again the Worlds Richest frequent flyer and airplane Enthusiast goes to MAh584jr Hd Aviation. That is a great view and the hum of those trents are just awesome.

  11. Man it's so unfair Miami gets the a380 and KCLT is left with the a330 and occasionally the a340 even though we're the busier hub! Guess that's how the cookie crumbles.

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