Flight report of AF 006 in Business Class from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle to New York John F. Kennedy on the upper deck of an Airbus A380.
CDG Airport, Terminal 2E – M-Hall and AF Lounge – Overall A380 cabin tour – Taxi and take-off from northern runway 27L – Daytime flight – Lunch and pre arrival snack – Descent through extreme wind conditions, heavy landing at JFK, taxi to Terminal 1.

Click here for an extensive report of CDG Terminal 2E only:

Click here for 6 minute GoPro footage of taxi and take off from inside this flight:

Click here for the JFK-CDG return flight report aboard AF’s B777 new Business Class:

Click here for a detailed tour of JFK’s Terminal 1

Date of the flight: 28th October, 2015
Plane Registration: F-HPJJ
Seat: 67A
Runway take off Paris CDG: 27L
Runway landing New York JFK: 13L

A big ‘Thank You’ to all the persons who have posted their great pictures on www.jetphotos.net , www.airliners.net and www.airplane-pictures.net and who allowed me to use them in this video.

(Fra) Rapport du vol AF 006 en Classe Affaires de Paris Charles-de-Gaulle à New York John F. Kennedy à bord d’un Airbus A380.
Aéroport CDG Terminal 2E, salon Air France et Hall « M » – aperçu général de la cabine de l’A380 – roulage et décollage de la piste 27L – vol de journée – déjeuner – collation avant l’arrivée – descente à travers des vents violents et atterrissage en fin d’après-midi à l’aéroport JFK.

(Deu) Flugbericht des Fluges AF 006 in der Business Klasse von Paris Charles de Gaulle nach New York John F. Kennedy an Bord eines Airbus A380.
CDG Terminal 2E, AF-Lounge und „M“-Gates – A380 Kabine – Taxi und Abflug ab Start-und Landebahn 27L – Tagesflug – Mittagessen und Snack – Landung in stürmischem Wetter am späten Nachmittag am Flughafen JFK.

(Ned) Vlucht verslag van vlucht AF 006 in de business class van Paris Charles de Gaulle naar New York John F. Kennedy aan boord van een Airbus A380.
CDG terminal 2E, AF lounge en “M” Gates – A380 cabine – taxi en vertrek vanuit start-en landingsbaan 27L – dag vlucht – lunch en pre-landing-snack – landing in sterke wind in de late namiddag op JFK luchthaven

(Esp) Informe del vuelo AF 006 en clase business de París Charles de Gaulle a Nueva York John F. Kennedy a bordo de un Airbus A380.
Aeropuerto CDG Terminal 2E, Air France lounge y puertas « M » – visión general de la cabina del A380 – rodaje y despegue de la pista 27L – vuelo de día – almuerzo y refrigerio antes de la llegada – descenso y aterrizaje en la tarde al aeropuerto JFK

(Dan) Flight betænkning af AF 006 Business Class fra Paris Charles de Gaulle til New York John F. Kennedy ombord på en Airbus A380.
CDG lufthavnsterminal 2E, AF Lounge og “L”-Gates– samlet A380 kabine Layout-Taxi og take-off fra CDG landingsbanen 27L – dagtimerne flyvning – frokost og før ankomsten snack-afstamning, eftermiddag landing og taxa på JFK


  1. I would personally choose to fly Delta, if it was in the 330. This business looks very outdated and the meals are served on economy like trays. I heard Air France can charge almost twice as much as Delta. Not to mention Air France's poor choice of entertainment compared to Delta. Great vid btw 🙂

  2. These seats a soooo outdated… There should be a difference of price between these seats and the new ones. The difference is too important to justify an identical price… AF is not playing a cool game with these old seats, it's not an top airline offer…

    Excellent vid by the way… 😉

  3. Thanks for doing this – excellent. I take your point about the food cover on the main course 07:38 but some may prefer if it keeps the meal hot to the last minute? Anyway, thanks again.

  4. Thanks for the vid, enjoyed your flight, I am always so disappointed with Air France food, they seem to make no effort, and we re supposed to love it, anyway it was a good flight to watch.

  5. Really nice and interesting videos you create! We liked the video and subscribed to your channel. We just did our first video on an Air France flight:

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