F-HBJC, seat 36A, from LHR to Paris CDG. The noise when then flaps are extended/retracted is unbelievable.


  1. Can't hear it from the 'mezzanine' flightdeck, too insulated and too far away. It is an amazing superb noise. Think its just big motors for huge flaps on a huge wing. Thanks for watching!

  2. Yes very noisy , heard that also on the new XWB , but it cold be a strong bulky mechanism to last longer . Very annoying .
    Some one suggested it was for the pilots to hear , but I think they should have some sort of rear view mirror , so they don´t have to guess , like on engine fires . 

  3. Very nice. This sound is strange, but beautiful ! Take a look at my A380- videos, and my other videos.
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  4. @PilotUTA Good point, unless they slightly raise to reduce the friction of the movement of the flaps (which I doubt) I would'nt have a clue.

  5. @PilotUTA The pilots are most likely performing surface control test, it's part of the normal procedure before take off, to check if the ailerons, rudder, spoilers, etc. are working properly.

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