A full length, full flight video with Air France onboard Airbus A380-800 F-HPJH, operating flight AF65 from Los Angeles to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle on November 20 2017.

**Every moment of the flight included from terminal to terminal, ATC for departure from Los Angeles**




Airline: Air France
Flight: AF65
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800 F-HPJH
From: Los Angeles (LAX)
To: Paris (CDG)
Departure: 17:27
Arrival: 12:37
Flight Time: 10:10
Seat: 93L
Flight Path:

Our flight today begins with a short drive into Los Angeles International Airport. We stop briefly at the In-n-Out Burger to watch the planes landing, before making our way to the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).

We check in at the Air France area and then make our way to the TSA Security checkpoint. From there we head airside towards our gate where our aircraft is waiting – the huge Airbus A380 that will take us across the Atlantic this evening.

We suffer a delay of around an hour due to a specific security threat that has been received to our flight. We have to wait while FBI sniffer dogs search the aircraft, but thankfully nothing is found and we’re able to eventually board. We take the escalator to the second floor to be able to board the upper deck of the huge A380. We board through the forward doors making our way through the aircraft’s business class and premium economy to our section of economy at the rear of the aircraft, taking our seat in seat 93L.

We soon begin our pushback as the sun sets over California, and taxi out with a police escort to runway 24L. We make a beautiful departure into the sunset getting a stunning view of Los Angeles lit up below. We make our way across the US towards Canada under darkness, getting views of many major cities. We cross the coast into the Atlantic just north of Labrador City, Canada, before passing to the south of Greenland where the sun rises.

We get some great views of the contrails forming as we cruise at a level of 39,000ft towards Ireland. We cross the Irish Sea towards South Wales, making a left turn towards London before turning right and crossing the English Channel towards France.
We commence our descent into a rainy Paris, saying goodbye to the beautiful weather above the clouds and hello to a gloomy rainy day. We make a trademark hard landing on runway 26L at Charles-de-Gaulle. We taxi into the beautiful Terminal 2E before disembarking and making our way towards flight connections for our onward flight back to the UK.


0:00:05 Driving along I-405 northbound towards LAX
0:00:23 At the ‘In-n-Out Burger’ watching the aircraft landing
0:00:37 Outside the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT), walking into terminal
0:02:03 Walking to TSA Checkpoint
0:02:40 After TSA, walking to gate
0:07:26 Our aircraft on stand at the gate
0:07:48 Cabin crew arriving at gate
0:07:56 Boarding aircraft, taking escalator to upper deck
0:13:12 Cabin view
0:14:58 Cabin view
0:18:01 ATC: Pushback clearance
0:19:38 Pushback and engine start
0:21:50 Safety video
0:25:07 Taxi to runway
0:37:29 Line up, takeoff runway 24L
0:45:44 Los Angeles lit up
1:22:45 First drinks and snack service
1:30:39 Cabin view
2:11:51 Dinner service – chicken chosen
2:12:24 Dinner service detail
4:08:22 Cabin view
7:15:11 Cabin view
7:39:05 IFE Air Show Map overview
7:42:27 IFE full walk through and demonstration
8:00:44 Sunrise begins in east
9:13:33 Cabin view
9:16:49 Cabin view
9:24:54 Walk through of rear galley, stairs to lower deck and elevator to lower deck
9:27:54 Cabin view
9:30:08 Seat overview
9:30:32 Breakfast service
9:53:19 Contrails forming from engines
10:04:33 Top of descent
10:32:48 Approach into Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
10:45:47 Final approach to runway 26L at Paris
10:47:17 Landing runway 26L
10:56:42 Pulling onto stand
10:58:28 Disembarking into the terninal
11:11:57 Train to Terminal 2E main concourse


  1. Muito bom parabéns tenho parentes também na França e um tio que trabalha nessa companhia aérea. Agora falta um vôo saindo ou chegando ao Brasil GRU Airport ficarei muito agradecido aqui a companhia usa o Boeing 777 300 ER diariamente. thank yuo Friend's The flight full nice airgraft A380 Air France Good excelent experiênce

  2. Iv been on fly Emirates last year to Hearthrow airport to Dubia and im only 9 omg and just to tell you im a boy because it sounds like a girl name my name is actually Ahmed thiss is actually my sisters name Raggy

  3. Inflight hello hi how are you? I forget will have a new schedule flight , Boeing 380 , your seat 93A window to wing.
    From Paris to Los Angela CA. New video your GoPro hero are records ALL Normal 12 Hours 55 Minutes Done. Thank you 🙂 smile ok.

  4. hi noal. i just want to wish you and your family a fantastic christmas and new year and thanks for all the great contend that you delivered this past year. and keep up the good work

  5. Airspeed in IAS? Typically the jet stream runs in the same direction you were traveling. They should have easily cruised at 550-630 kts TAS

  6. Can you try to makeup the Singapore A350 flights and try to go to Singapore with them too? And one of the longest flights operate from there to San Francisco and Los Angeles. What's the next video?

  7. EXCELLENT video, and BEAUTIFUL sunrise! ☀️ First A380 full flight in your channel. The A380 is the largest plane in the world!

    I notice that LAX has lots of international airlines from Europe, Asia, Oceania, Australia, and more! That's why I track a bunch of flights to there.

    JFK and ORD also has lots of international airlines as well! You should go to them one day.

    Did you record the YVR > HNL > LAX flights? You only said that you filmed the BHX > CDG > YVR and the LAX > CDG > BHX flights. I'm just checking.

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