AIR SHOW take off with 45 ° inclination Biggest Aircraft ✱ LARGE COMMERCIAL AIRBUS A380 A350 BOEING

Amazing AIR SHOW ake off with 45 ° inclination Biggest Aircraft ✱ Large COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT Incredible Machines

The french at Le Bourget used a never seen before method in order to let the Airbus A380 ‘test’ aircraft take part in the airshow. Slow Flying A330 2011 air show koksijde. Video of the Airbus A380 at the 2011 Paris Airshow. Dubai Airshow 2011. Boeing Dreamliner
Airbus A380 with the Red Arrows. Para mostrar sua nova opção “Sharklet” (aka “blended winglets”), a Airbus fez voar apresentação com um Airbus A320 (F-WWIQ, MSN 5098), pintado em uma decoração especial, combinado a partir das próprias cores da Airbus e os da Air Asia, cliente de lançamento para a opção Sharklet sobre o A320.


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  1. To the creator of this video: regarding you clickbait thumbnail pic, can't you see that the aircraft position would be physically impossible unless the plane had 50 foot tall landing gear like a bird? That picture looks super retarded so I had to come in here and tell you.

  2. flugzeugwasserstoffingenieur


    Airbus A380 slams onto ground after takeoff

  4. As the Netherlands only have 1 display aircraft I always find it so friendly of British, French and sometimes USA display teams that they fly our national three-colour (red-white-blue) in their displays. Thanks!

  5. 今の飛行機は、翼の面積があんな小さいのに、揚力は航空力学的に、理にかなってるんでしょうね~

  6. The planes did not take off at a 45 degree angle. Shortly after liftoff they did but not immediately. I did however myself sitting right behind a UPS pilot on a DC-8 test flight take off at a bit more than a 45 degree angle here at San Antonio International Airport shortly after take off & I had to grab the back of the Pilots seat.

  7. fancy camera work that's all.  They probably get to 20*.  Any more than that and they would stall it rtight into the ground.  Even those engines can't power through a low altitude full stall.

    At altitude after picking up a lot of speed you can probably do a 40* climb, but not right after takeoff at <200 knots.  Your airspeed would bleed off very quickly to the point of stall, but easily recoverable at above 20k feet.

  8. I just want to go to Venice not shit my pants…and fuck off all you trolls I know this is about what planes ultimo can do !!!

  9. Bit of a silly blag where a twin takes off and turns into a 4 engine 340 ?……I love aviation but there are so many nerds involved.

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