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An Air France Airbus A380 superjumbo jet (F-HPJD) clipped the tail of a smaller plane while taxiing at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, Monday night.


  1. Fucking idiot, tell that to your health care, obesity, homosexuality (there is nothing wrong with that) education, dept, armed forces. America is the best… At being the worst.

  2. Couldn't agree more with you. Stupid, idiotic comments that show no respect to military men of any country except for American troops. Next week, I, with my wife, will be visiting the American military cemetery at Omaha Beach but we will also be visiting French, German, British and Canadian cemeteries during our visit. All of these young men who gave their life, no matter the nation they come from, deserve our respect.

  3. Its a very low or very high paying profession. The downside is that while gaining hours, pilots can make as little as 20k a year, with ridiculously expensive training.

  4. @zorak950 Are you speaking German right now under the watchful eye of a statue of Hitler? No? Hmm.

    Stupid arguments are best won by even stupider arguments.

  5. I wonder if there will ever come a day when Americans stop trying to pretend they can win arguments with French people by making irrelevant references to World War Two.

  6. really i dont think so. My biggest mechanical delay was when i flew Qatar airways i missed my connecting flight. So my experience has been contrary. Furthermore, compare business class in the A380 and the boeing 747 the difference is clear.

  7. @PIENERGYINC All those airlines have predominantly Boeing fleets, apart from Qatar. It's the airline, not the aircraft, that makes comfort, generally. You may have just flown on some older Boeings because it's an older company but new build Boeing vs new build Airbus – both very comfortable. And new Boeings also generally have a better accident rate.

  8. And its usually the Americans who are clumsy, obese and throw their weight around. France was just demonstrating their existance.

  9. Airbuses are way better than Boeing jets. anytime you get onboard a plane and it is comforatble and beatiful it is an airbus check it. i wish I could request my plane when i fly and I onoly fly the 5 star airlines Singapore airlines, Emirates, Qatar E.T.C

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