During a flight on June 1st 2012 with KLM to Dallas/FtWorth, I witnessed a close flyby of an Airbus A380 of Air France. When I zoomed in, only then was to discover the type of plane was filming. Because it was cruising with a higher speed, it slowly moved out of my window view. In the last few seconds of this movie, you can see the 4 shadows of the contrails of each engine moving across the KLM wing! First time ever, I saw an A380; a nice ‘premiere’, don’t you think? 😉


  1. This isn't a Air France A380 flight, its KLM, as you can see in the wing, also, KLM doesn't operate any A380s yet, their biggest jet is the 747-400.

  2. From inside the plane you dont really get how fast..the speed these beauties are moving. But when viewed from outside, you can tell these angels are HAULING ASS for sure.

  3. pilot : " ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, you can see an airplane on the left handside. kindly put on ur seatbelt, the shit is about to get real"

  4. great footage of the spraying. Claims that aircraft leave condensation trails by the nature of the high bypass turbo fan jet engine are baseless. We see a 'condensation' trail yes, but it is artificially nucleated by particles injected into the exhaust plume via ports. High bypass turbofan jet engines are incapable are producing these trails on their own, rather it is a deliberate effort.

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