Wanna see, what happens if you place two former military pilots of the French Navy in the cockpit of an Airbus A380? A vertical take-off and some acrobatic maneuvers are the result. Two pilots who previously worked for the French Navy have been working as test pilots for Airbus since a few years. This was the most amazing A380 performance I have ever seen. Very impressive to see such a big bird gliding threw the skies as if it would be a small Cessna. Of course the fuel tanks were empty because the Airbus just made a short presentation flight for the audience in France. I already saw a similar performance last year in Paris, when the A380 made an amazing air show aswell.

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  1. When you see this happen in person it was so amazing they we often to to high off the ground it did look like at some times it would just fall out of the sky. Absoulutly amazing!

  2. I don't know whether you will reply but what tickets did you buy to access camera points here at FIA I'm about to but my FIA16 tickets

  3. whats that white liquid that comes out of the engines and over the wings during takeoff and in the first part of the video?

  4. For such a big airplane, it can move like a smaller one.  Great work and please continue to post more video's like this one!!!

  5. Great camera-work, especially catching her side-slipping in for the landing as the A400 scuttles to 'get away' from her.  Astonishing what you can do with such a huge aircraft!!

  6. It is "unbelievable" because…?  Dear Cargospotter, the thesaurus has words like dramatic, exciting, imposing, notable, remarkable, superb, thrilling, absorbing, awe-inspiring, impressive.  I thought the whole A380 display was quite believable.  Don't forget to check your spelling of unbelieveable too!

  7. Impressive flying display and terrific video coverage as well. That is a lot of landing gear! Interesting to see the extent of the rudder deflection just after take off and on final approach. The close-ups of the take off and landing were simply epic!

  8. Although the A380 is not a real beauty compared to other planes, I'm still stunned everytime one of those aluminium bricks takes off.

  9. Amazing how they manoeuvred her about., It was great to see, and that take off only looked a few yards, THANK YOU   

  10. I wish they sold tickets on flights like this. 'Cause this is so much better than any roller coaster on Earth! Ahh That's why I LOVE flying!

  11. Yes unbelieveable !! I would think the onboard computers were turned off as they wouldn't allow for manouveres like seen here or the slow speeds

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