#Airbus #A380 On 19MAY15 Airbus a380 “9V-SKQ” Singapore airlines was delayed by 3.5 hours after an extended period of holding over the North Sea
To avoid a crash due to low fuel this plane was diverted to London Gatwick airport. The stormy weather on that afternoon had reduced the rate of arrivals into Heathrow which meant a lot of the arriving traffic were held in multiple stacks from cruise level before being brought down for an approach.
The airplane has landed at LGW 14:40 and then departed at 17:35 bound for LHR The flight lasted 29 minutes

Here you can watch the flight history

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  1. awesome video! flew the Singapore A380 from FRA to JFK some days ago and will also fly it from JFK to FRA next week! great airline! report will follow on my chancel

  2. I dont understand that spectacular take off on this air bus! I have 35 years in seeing commercial planes taking off! The spectacular plane to see is Howard Hughes plane taking off on Long Beach Harbor 50 years ago! Thaa! Jesse Cerda!

  3. Have you ever seen a Mexican Airlines taking off? Doesn't have any fuel & 29 mules are pulling the Aircraft to a Hanger! That i would like to SEE!

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