Watch as we bring a momentous year to a close with the spectacular launch of our Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 aircraft in Abu Dhabi.

Plus President and CEO James Hogan surprises the audience with the new Etihad Airways cabin crew uniform unveiled at a catwalk fashion show.


  1. Etihad airways is the best N I will encourage people to fly in Etihad Anyways I will be crew member of Etihad.I'm So excited to work with etihad !

  2. you are one of the best ,certainly better than QATAR airways .but emirates is the best but i very do respect etihad airways for giving their best services in all classes

  3. I already pride now and gratitude filled me that I might be a part of such a great iconic company soon, like Etihad! At least as I hope, the Best:-)!

  4. Hello!:)
    Just wanna ask.. after 1 month I have an Assestment Day in Abu Dhabi and I need national passport. Now I'm in Qatar and I don't have it with me. is it a problem or I can take my international passport?

  5. Everything with the airline is classic. I hope they maintain their standards. I see alot of airlines starting with a bloom then fading away once they get their reputation and reach 5-7 star ratings.

  6. I have booked from Mumbai to Minneapolis for May end..! Looking forward for this amazing experience. Especially in Airbus A380!!!

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