The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger aircraft in operation. The first airport outside of London to host the giant Airbus was Manchester Airport. This video captures the superjumbo landing and extreme close-up taxi. Check out the massive wings flexing on touchdown.

Filmed on a couple of days in late Sept/ early October 2010, this video exclusively concentrates on the Emirates Airline Airbus A380 at Manchester Ringway Airport. A6-EDF and A6-EDL are featured in a variety of extremely closeup taxi shots, takeoff and landing sequences. Also, watch a landing on an incredibly wet day with driving rain – see the power of the engines during reverse thrust.


  1. Beautiful, but my love for the 747 400 will not be turned, made in Seattle, not by a Committee, where on the 1st production run, they got the wiring lengths differentials, wrong between plants, and had to start over again. But basically a marvel of engineering and design, but my wife of 40 years I will not trade for the younger model.  xx

  2. amazing! 😀 can i ask which spotting area are you recording from? aircraft viewing area? 🙂

  3. Though they are undoubtedly the heaviest passenger jet of all time, they still don't hold a candle to the elegance and "pilot's airplane" look of the 747.  The Boeing is just a better looking aircraft.

  4. boy thats so ambitious! hope you will reach you dream one day. regarding your question i would suggest you google emirates airlines academy. i am not sure about pilots but i know that being a flight attendant at Emirates airlines is SO competitive. in 2011 they had 90,000 applicant for flight attended only 4000 were selected. its that competitive.

  5. Thank you very much indeed Ken Ward, your comment was really very kind and I am very grateful I'm pleased you liked my video of the #Airbus #A380 at Manchester. Best wishes.

  6. Hello Mohammad thank you for watching my #Airbus #A380 video from Manchester Airport I appreciate your comment. I hope you enjoy your experience on board the Emirates A380.

  7. Amazing landings !!..such a beautiful video..such a beautiful airplane…next month i will experience Emirates A380 to LHR..cant wait !!

  8. Hello iamyoyo96, thank you for watching my video of the Emirates #Airbus #A380 at Manchester Airport. I suggest that you would need to visit the careers section of the Emirates website as they would have specific requirements for joining their airline. You could also visit some of the airline crew training company websites to learn more about the pilot training schemes available.

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