This is a great Plane!!!!! Crosswind landing every time is very amazing but in that plane was…… uffff


  1. @mrPoundnote, Americans do not mind at all if any other race or country invents something everyone can share or use (even in style). Sounds like it is you who has a begat jealousy problem.

  2. @samliist Not due to design….. Idk if what 141gregmor is true but the 747 has only failed due to pilot error (so has the a380) and poor maintenance. Personally I don't like a lack of failsaves in the event of a total computer failure, which is unlikely I'll admit, but more precautions should be taken just in case.

  3. 747 is a much better plane more than 50 years old with little or no major problems the a380 is like 5 years old and the wings are starting to get small cracks in them Boeing for life

  4. @40390576 And let's all not forget also that the competition between the manufacturer's will push each further forward onto greater technologies and newer innovations.

    Personally I like some of the smaller planes a little more for some reason but I still marvel at the advances in engineering ^^

  5. @leewisrob "Nothing ever will" I hope you're prepared to swallow those words. People have been saying that for decades and there is always something superior around the corner.

    Not that I'm saying the A380 isn't a very good Airliner, I think the Airbus planes are by their own right very enjoyable to travel with but the A380 is just a step to the next big thing.

  6. Klasse Landung ! schöner Kurzfilm über eines der schönsten dinge die am Himmel fliegen.
    Ich möchte mal wissen mit was die Leute es begründen denen der Film nicht gefällt….!

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