Newly made A380 Documentary 2015 is here. Enjoy!


  1. Well-designed wings???? Did the build a NEW wing for the A380 to replace the junk ones that couldn't pass the 150% design limit load test and crumpled like a beer can at 147%, that were full of cracks months after going into service and that flying Rolls-Royce engine parts blow through like a bullet through newspaper when the engine explodes? Or is he talking about a different A380? Because only a crackhead who has been living in a cave for the last 10 years doesn't know what a giant piece of shit that thing is.

  2. Okay so I learned 0 things about the A380 and 0 new things about planes. If you make a documentary about the A380, don't spend 15% of it going over the history of human flight.

  3. Boeing were part of this initially & it would have been good if European & American engineering could have collaborated. However, Boeing pulled out as they didn't have the money. Which is a shame.

  4. The best part of this documentary is the beginning / TODAY ON IMPOSSIBLE ENGINEERING THE AIRBUS A380….just if the A380 was the best goal that human reached….all in all amazing!

  5. buy one and paint it pink and the words bubble gum pink i want it to have pink Diamond toilets pink diamond shower pink diamond table and a pink diamond throne with gold

  6. Well one day, one of these planes will crash somewhere in the world. As awful as that thought is, sadly it will probably happen. They are making super planes way too large so they can carry more and more passengers to save on costs. If and when such a crash happens, the loss of life will be catastrophic. 615 passengers plus 22 flight crew. Potential deaths 637 souls. It's absolutely frightening.

  7. How awful to watch! Americans and aviation documentary seems to be something that doesn't fit together anymore…

  8. Gees, so annoying to hear imperial measures-it's so overdue that the USA moves out of the dark ages and starts using the metric system!

  9. why is it that american documentaris always make it as if the world is going to end. and that people always get the job done at the last second. it make the decumentary less nice to follow. they almost make it into a movie.

  10. 14:38 Actually, that's not true. The first operational jet engine was the BMW 003, which was fitted to the Me-262.
    The first run of the engine was performed in 1940 and by 1942 it was succesfully powering the first M-262.
    Also, the Me-262 was operational in april 1944, three months earlier than the Gloster Meteor…
    So the Meteor was just the first BRITISH jet fighter and it was powered by the first jet engine IN BRITAIN.
    The nazis were the first in having operational jet engines, jet fighters, guided jet pulse bombs, long range ballistic missiles, etc.
    In fact, the rockets that we use in our space programs and ICBMs are based on their ballistic missile technology… the Apollo missions, for instance, were possible thanks to a former nazi and ss officer who surrendered to the Americans at the end of WW2. Wernher Von Braun was his name, it might ring a bell, since he was one of the chief designers of the Saturn V rocket that sent the Apollo 11 to the Moon. Von Braun was responsible for the design and production of the V-2 rocket during WW2… that's why the Americans made a deal with him instead of sentencing him to death.

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