Airbus A380 (A-380) of Emirates Airlines up close at Manchester Airport. Thomas Cook Airways Boeing 767 (B767) up close departure. Boeing 737 (B737) go-around.

Filmed at Manchester Airport, this video features a Thomas Cook Boeing 767-300 takeoff – listen to the brilliant sound of the engines! this is followed by a Jet2 go-around caused by the taxiing Emirates Airbus A380. The video concludes with the cross wind departure of the A380 from Manchester Airport.


  1. That a380 is an immaculate aircraft , im growing older to be a pilot , my aim is to be at the control of an Emirates a380 . Nice vide mate keep em comming , MANCHESTER LOVES YOU!!

  2. I was on that A380 (A6-EEW) on EK147 from Dubai to Amsterdam, this was on July 2nd and the aircraft was just 5 days old!

  3. its been a while since i been on your channel, but i see the awesome work is still being produced 🙂 island greetings from the Caribbean !!!!

  4. Missed the music in the beginning but the I heard that 767 take-off! Such a good sound of those engines! That was the real music, and inthe end the A380 crosswind take-off was stunning! Big like!

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