Airbus A380 Engine Test – HD


  1. Shame this test was of no use to the passengers on Quantas after an engine failure that crippled the plane !
    How could it pass this test but fail in-flight a short time later ?

  2. Stop making it sound like the RR Trent 900 is such a powerful engine, everyone knows that the GE90-115B is the most powerful aircraft engine by far

  3. Until an oil line leaks/sprays oil onto the turbine disc causing it to expand till it ruptures and leaving the engine and cutting through anything in it's way due to it being essentially unstoppable.

  4. To the Engineers at G.E.
    and Rolls-Royce:
    Why haven't You
    installed (Elongated Conical Steel Screens) in front
    of every single Jet Engine worldwide,
    for intake protection?
    P.S. Please don't forget the royalties
    for the invention tho: It's called= E.C.S.S-3 …


  5. Back in the 80s a few marine corps aircraft that had dual Powerplants were crashing. Engineers found out that when one engine failed due to whatever, fod, wear and tear, that the failed engine would come apart and fod out the second. FOD stands for foreign object damage. Hardened and reinforced engine bays followed soon after.

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