Testing the emergency exits and evacuating the Airbus A380 in less than 90 seconds.


  1. Who's kidding who, whom…whatever. Watch this vid of an evacuation of an A380. While watching, with pencil in hand, observe and count the # of test subjects who are:

    1. trying to save their purse dogs
    2. overweight
    3. handicapped
    4. stupid
    5. not traumatized by the crash landing just moments before
    6. drunk
    7. trying to find their shoes
    8. trying to save their pcs

    Your chance of getting out of an airplane in regulation time is almost nil unless you're in an exit row.

  2. I only see younger and/or physically fir people in this video. In reality there are also kids, babys, handicapped and older people on board of a plane.

  3. "Airbus" and "evacuation" are two words to get me to shit my pants on command. What a nightmare that would be in reality… :O

  4. They didn't do it. They should've gotten 800+ people to participate for a look at the new A380 and try out its seats etc…then turned it into an Emergency Evacuation outta nowhere. That's where the REAL test would've been.

  5. All these people were ready and knew what to do. Most people have no idea how to quickly and safely evacuate the plane. I was on a flight the other day and people were talking over the safety video, texting, and reading newspapers. A real evacuation would be absolute chaos and would take much longer.

  6. really wondering how the can evacuate everyone if the a380 somehow ditches into the water. what will happen to those on the upper deck?

  7. now do another exercise with eldery people, babies, and children, etc among the passengers.. what would be the timing?

  8. +Jay Jain – "This is the best case scenario…"

    While obviously a better case than an actual crash, this is definitely not the "Best case scenario". "Best case" would be something like: having all exits functioning (instead of half of them blocked), full lighting, no debris on the floor, a nice 10 seconds of warning/countdown (10 9 … 3 2 1 Go!), etc…

    The point as a test is to see if it is even possible, you could say "barely possible" or even "remotely possible", for 900 people to get through the exits (reasonably safely), in 90 seconds.

    This does not mean they expect it to go that smoothly and quickly in a real emergency.

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