The king of the skies performing an extraordinary landing in difficult lateral wind conditions.

Strangest video on youtube:


  1. Enjoy this 1080p unique popup-free A380 crosswind landing footage with crystal clear sound of the roaring engines! Have a great day!

  2. Интересный видос. Есть куда стремиться. Мы в августе взошли на Elbrus. А знакомых наших с вертушкой эвакуировали. Это был полный ***))

  3. airbus is a shitty name……sounds like there's puke and blood on the floor…..(ever been on a bus)………….id say  the  Olympus  A380 ……..

  4. Chill out passengers. This is just like drfting your U$ 400M, 70 meters, 500ton aircraft. Fast & Furious would never again look the same after watching this!

  5. For now, A380 is the single contender in it's class; the last Boeing model being crippled by a series of tech aches. Airbus is slowly getting back to profitability (w/ the A380), Boeing is progressively losing it's credibility. Let say they're even for now, future will tell…

  6. i was once told by a Pilot from an a380 airbus it's never how was your take off it's how was your landing because it takes a skilled pilot to land a airbus, especially in cross winds

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