Lufthansa Airbus a380 spectacular takeoff in the rain at Miami,Airbus a380 amazing takeoff on a long runway and still has trouble takeing off beacause of the drag from the wet a380 extreme takeoff.


  1. Those things have an unmistakable high-pitched buzz. You can hear one going up from the Heathrow, look up and yep, Qantas' kangaroo is on its way.

  2. "Positive climb" LOL, I would feel more safe on a MD-11 or DC-10 (well appart from cargo door blow). This one strugled like mad to get airborne. Of corse it weights too much, that can't think in this airliner like something safe when it dependes heavily on power and runway lenght like this one did. Al least IMHO Bigger and complex not always the better, even when tihis whale makes a good job and well, good safety record  …. almost.

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  4. It does have a safe record. I wouldn't say safest plane today. It hasn't been in commercial service for that long yet. Give it a few more years then compare the statistics.

  5. Me too. I remember the c-5s taking off at Pope AFB, they looked like they were going to barely clear the Comptroller building at the end of the tarmac. I used to watch them from the family park near the back gate.

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