This is the video of the first flight with passengers of A380, with views of the cabin.


  1. The figure is yet to be updated but Wiki states 105. Korean Air and others ordered some more recently though, so probably somewhere about 110-120.

  2. hundreds. In fact, thousands of 747s have been sold since its launch… the A380 has only about 100 or so more orders than the -8. But it's the 777 that steals orders from the -8, not the A380. Bear in mind also that many airlines also operate the 747-400. The A380 is good, nothing more though, it's modern and advanced, but will never trump the legend.

  3. I could sit here all day and rant, but I'll just give you an overview. The 747-8 has an all new wing, it's more advanced than the A380s and is the newest design in the industry, like you said, it has newer engines which burn less fuel, are quieter and release less CO2 and other gasses than the A380s. It uses chevrons and sound absorbing liners in the naucells to be quieter. It has different avionics to the -400, yet has commonality. Stretched fuselage made from 70% new materials & sky interior.

  4. The 747-8 is an entirely different airplane. The reason they didn't persue the biggest in competition with Airbus is because there isn't the market for it, and if Boeing and Airbus split it, it wouldn't do well. Much like the L10-11 failed because the DC-10 had similar capabilities and airlines just had to choose. If you had a modicum of knowledge about the Boeing 747 and its development you wouldn't be so cocky with your A3latey.

  5. Because investing that much money in a new jumbo clearly wasn't worth it, the A380, even sold at a lower cost still doesn't sell well except for Emirates. Many airlines have cancelled orders as well. Despite though, it's a remarkable aircraft even if it looks like a fat whale.

  6. the antonov 225 is the biggestone being empty inside if you are a artist you can have your own concert inside lol in fact is made for biggest cargo or if you have a busines you can move your factory anywhere in a lapse of hours any where you can even build a casino inside or simply play tarzan of the jungle inside lol

  7. @iJustFlyDammit yea.. cause thats *all* they did.. uhhua.. yep. *rolls eyes* Seriously tho, if you can just make an already successful plane more efficient, why not just do that? If a design works why change it? Sides, it means alot less training to transition current 747 pilots.

  8. Mofig the airbus industry is almost bankrupt and need to sell more a380s. Europe is just as good as the USA. ;D

  9. Airbus is better because it is European!
    The whole world tries to beat the europeans, but Europe just have the Most interesting Culture, history, landscapes and humans!

  10. @Danishz123 its the Airbus A300 Beluga Airbus's custom made cargo plane that carries airplane parts to Airbus factories around Europe

  11. @iJustFlyDammit 747-8 Intercontinental ( im guessing thats what your referring to) is actually a bigger plain, only 100 seats less than the a380

  12. @doyougototowndriver
    Sure about that? Because airlines that already operate it are telling a totally different story, they are particulary very pleased with the economical success they have with their A380s. Needless to say that passengers also love it.

  13. @kirbsnz

    Most of the top section has 6 seats abreast. ¤ seats is first class. The A380 can hold some 800 passengers, depending on the layout the various airlines choose. Then there are the things that you see and don't see. There are no doubt crew restareas that are not really shown on the layout plans .

  14. only 4 seats abreast on the top deck, and such a big stair case, the top passenger seating starts a good 15 or so meters back from the cockpit. It just seams that there is so much dead space in the aircraft. The layout could have been better.

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