Most of the Airbus A380’s EGPWS/TAWS and TCAS original voice callouts in high quality.

Overspeed and “stall” on an A320:

Some demonstration of the Airbus flight control protections:

and it’s “DESCEND”….. I can’t spell.


  1. I thought all these callouts would be in a British voice like, 'M8 U BETTAH PULL THIS DAMN PLANE UP OR I SWEAR TO CHRIST ILL HOOK YAH IN THE GABBAH M8

  2. As a student pilot, me and some of my classmates decided to pull a prank on our instructor, an ex-navy and airline pilot. We got an audio track of some of the GPWS warnings and filtered them in and set up a small speaker in the cockpit of the new 172 we had just gotten two weeks before. Eight minutes into our flight at dusk, a warning comes out of thin air "TOO LOW, TERRAIN" Followed by our instructor, getting all tense and saying, "What the fuhh?" turns to me "Is this you?" I said no while maintaining calm and hiding a smile as he then said "I didn't know you could have a warning system installed in a 172", and gently pushed the stick until we were about 100ft AGL higher than before. Whereupon another few minutes when it says "DESCENT, DESCENT". Followed by him "What the f***??" So he puts it down, as it says "INCREASE DESCENT", so he gave it more. Then, "TRAFFIC, CLIMB, CLIMB NOW". At this point he was looking exasperated and said, "We're returning to the airport." As we did, "SINK RATE….PULL UP" I looked at him very concerned. It was only my third week in the program after all 🙂 "Is everything alright?" he answered with "I'm not sure." Two miles out from our home airport: "TERRAIN AHEAD, PULL UP…. TERRAIN, TERRAIN…..TOO LOW, TERRAIN" And then the killer, "WOOP WOOP, PULL UP. WOOP WOOP, PULL UP. WOOP WOOP, PULL UP. WOOP WOOP, PULL UP. WOOP WOOP, PULL UP. WOOP WOOP, PULL UP." x10 or so. And then he goes "How the hell? I can see the runway lights clearly right there… we aren't THAT low!" Then we touched down without incident, we got out, and one of the students greets him and says with a chuckle, "Terrain ahead, puhl ahp!" I think he almost got slapped. We got chewed out big time for that one. Heck, I was in on the whole thing and the flight warnings gave me goosebumps. It felt so real.

  3. It's funny how the WINDSHEAR. WINDSHEAR WINDSHEAR. voice is a British guy, but 'WINDSHEAR AHEAD! GO AROUND! WINDSHEAR AHEAD!" is a Texan!

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