Airbus plants the A380 on Runway 36 at AirVenture Oshkosh, 2009, in a direct crosswind. The wings flex as the aircraft firmly touches down with lots of yaw and a cloud of tire smoke. The pilot hit his mark and had the aircraft fully slowed short of the mid-field taxiway (the only one capable of supporting the A380’s girth).

Original footage shot by Glenn Pew.


  1. Sometimes when you land on a narrower rwy than you are used to it can make you feel like you are higher above the ground than you are. Although most airliners have a radio altimeter that calls out altitude so this may not be the case with this landing. Maybe he wanted to stick it on firmly so he could use the brakes right away and not slide sideways.

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    They routinely stress their airplane to collect data such as wing & undercarriage fatigue, icing issues etc…. I've been told that Airbus will eventually sell this n°003 plane as used, (after overhaul of course). A 380 Number 001 and 002 have been used for certification and static tests and will be scraped.

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    D- FYI: Can't see the reg number of the plane, but this is probably the Airbus number 003 This airplanes is used as well as a demonstrator, flying all over the world for demo purposes as well as a flying testbench for testing purposes.
    The cabin is almost empty with no interior lining and all the inside is filled with computers, sensors and… huge water tanks to account for the normal useful load.
    The crew is barely 6 to 8, including testflight engineers.

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    The main undercarriage of the plane is designed to withstand landings with a crabbing angle of nearly 30 degrees! (it's exactly the same with a 747, by the way). Once on the ground, the plane will eventually center itself.

    C-About the length of the runway: I have been in Oshkosh in 2003. The landing strip is sufficient enough, after all OSH is a former strategic bomber USAF airbase! I suspect the pilots wanted to demonstrate short landing & crosswind capabilities, hence the BOOM!

  5. Ok. I agree with you. Being the son of an engineer I have been subjected to the same speech thousands of time. Still if you look up Cargo Plane Wings Fall Off
    it's hard to get that image out of your head.

  6. these are test pilots flying and i strongly believe they had to land this way to test if the plane could handle a rough landing.

  7. @mjm9536 i agree on the flex of the wings.. that was a short field landing..i think a little more power would have made nicer landing..the thing is the companies dont want the pilots doing hard landings…perfect crosswind landing other then the hard landing…

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