The historic landing of the new Airbus A380 at JFK Airport.


  1. no plane is safe, size has nothing to do with it. But they've done all they can to make the A380 as safe as it can possibly get.

  2. I heard about that…The press coverage was all over that thing…Even after it landed for onboard inspection of all the features…"Where's the bowling alley?"

  3. Mono14 Are you rasist??? believe me people from other parts if the world speak only shitty things…. Not only "AMERICANS"

  4. 747 is a beautiful classic aircraft but the basic desgin is over 40 years old. A lot has happend in aviation technology since then!

  5. My home town, where I was born and raised; it is good to see it once again via this airbus. I miss very much Queens and Long Island, were I grew-up. Also see on this channel: " Vision of Puerto Rico".

  6. @ckfgymnast
    Really pop quiz, From where did the scientist who made the first jets come from? And also where did the scientists, who made the Apollo program possible come from? Well I will help you as much as I wasn't America. And furthermore why do US car manufactures, still keep building cars with 1970'ties suspension technology?

  7. @MrGiantrucci They are! I was in one of those yesterday and was amazed at their curve in taxi position. But in the air they become completely straight. Amazing plane.

  8. @pointy2 Actually, I was wondering the same thing. I guess with the delays the plane went through, just getting built and shipped and all, they didn't want to take the extra time.

  9. I wonder why they didn't put in any front facing windows for upper cabin, can you imagine what a bar or lounge space that would have created!? I'm sure someone on here will tell me why. As for the looks, just don't know but think the most beautiful looking jets are made in Brazil by Embraer. 🙂

  10. So typical of our human species…instead of us all enjoying a wonderful piece of technology regardless of its geo-genesis et al, some immediately commence upon (in this case) a Euro/US my 'cock' is bigger than yours rant! Enjoy the aircraft! Listen to its engines! Its beautiful! It is an engineering marvel…and so is Boeings 787 for that matter! The best aircraft is always the 'next' aircraft designation. Appreciate the vid mob1968. Best wishes.

  11. @Coastergeekperson04 so you pulled your head out of youass long enough to come up withthat? that plane is ass ugly, and i'll stick to the 777 peckerhead.

  12. @stephqaz Wrong. The A380 does not have a higher landing gear footprint than the 747 and uses no more runway. The aircraft these days with the biggest landing gear footprint is the 777-300ER.

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