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Airbus A380 @ St. Marteen! was created under Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules using assets from Flight Simulator 2004, © Microsoft Corporation.


  1. As 747's have regularly landed there for years, an A380 should be able to with the right weight. Taxiing and approaching the terminal may be out though…

  2. Just because he didn't put FSX in the title doesn't mean you criticize his work. You people are just dumb enough to click on it. Thumbnail is clearly showing an animated a380. Not his fault, yours. So fuck off.

  3. an a380 is so huge for that airport…. but obviously it can land there but can collide with the airport infrastructure and other planes due to its wings……

  4. "Airbus A380 Landing" is clearly MISLEADING, dude! Ik zou als de BLIKSEM dat title veranderen.
    Ach laat maar! Te veel dislikes! Eigen schuld! 😛

  5. what do people have against this guys video, this is such a good fsx video, high quality video good sounds no music. Also if you clicked here thinking it was a real video than clearly you are not thinking. An A380 cant land at st maarten there is no demand for such an aircraft ant such a small busy airport. This is a good video in my opinion and deserves more likes! 

  6. Lol everyone's mad because of the misleadng title. If it was called ''FSX Airbus A380 Landing @ St. Maarten!'', this video would have more likes than dislikes.

  7. Lol, if it's a fake video, at least put [FSX] in the title…. Selfish, trying to make money (monetize) from making false suggestions?

  8. Even for a simulator landing that was pretty crap! And label your silly teenage flight-sim landings so we don't have to suffer through your waste of time video. Oh, and I think I hear your mummy calling you for dinner, douche bag….

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