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  1. A380 is Amazing!!! And Airbus is the greatest company in the world!!!! I wanna be just like that pilot- Be a test pilot for Airbus!!! I love Airbus!!!

  2. In large planes, when doing/testing some of those more 'extreme' maneuvers – how much can the pilot 'feel' the aircraft vis a vis responsiveness and what its doing?

    I mean I'm thinking of the difference between driving a porche (nimble, you 'feel' what car is doing like youre connected to it) vs. a 1980s cadillac or lincoln whale that provides zero driver feedback whatsoever.

    Perhaps a bad analogy, but what's a pilots 'tactile' (for lack of better word) feel or sense of the a/c?

  3. Awesome machine is the A380. Give it NEO, a few more frames and give it that fuel prices can only go upwards and you've got the most fuel efficient means of getting from hub to hub. It's day is going to come.

  4. To use the word "lucky" in the title of this video is dismissive of these professional's skills. If you don't know what you're talking about, leave the posting to someone who does.

  5. the test pilots that take all the risks to make the flying experience safer and better for all the airline pilots and passengers that follow. I don't know what they are paid but I am sure it isn't enough compared to other jobs that add less value to the world.

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