Sunday 26 September 2010. A6-EDF.


  1. Why to build a huge aircraft like this? In my opinion, is pure greed. Bigger aircraft, bigger passengers capacity. Was very hard to take off, it's obvious! An aircraft so big, with so much weight, must be very hard to control it, obviously! For what? More money? There is no limits for the human greed. What a shame!

  2. 777 1 Aniol Panski 7 lipca Piotr 40 Darow Duch Sw Czluchow — O je moj ulubiony Stalowy ptak nr 1 na calej Ziemi . I dlatego z checia bede zawsze go ogladal do mojego zgonu .

  3. I had a 12-hour flight on a Lufthansa A380 back in December and it was AWESOME! I watched 5 movies and it was really comfortable. Just make sure you don't choose a window seat is your flight is longer than 2 hours!! That was my mistakes!!

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