Airbus A380-800 “Munich” visits Stuttgart for a test flight.

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  1. I wanna take a flight on this plane, to just eat some food and sleep on their comfortable beds.

  2. A flying whale this plane was doomed from the word go. Now (late Spring '16) orders for the A380 are way down. Newer more economical planes will make this behemoth soon an albatross to the companies flying it.

  3. Worst case scenario – Can this plane remain airborne with only one working engine? What is the horsepower of a single engine on an airbus?

  4. So, is plane-spotting a sport now? Seeing as how many men with cameras have showed up for something that would be otherwise pretty common, I'd not be surprised a bunch of bored Germans came up with something like that.

  5. Wenn nur endlich der Frachter entwickelt würde… Das würde eine Menge unnötige Flüge von mehreren Fliegern ersparen und auch Flughäfen die für Passagiere keinen A380 benötigen können ihn dann genießen!!
    Köln/Bonn hat von UPS täglich mehrere schwere Jets von Louisville und Dubai. Dabei auch die 747-400, trotzdem sind mehrere Flieger nötig. Das ließe sich dann ändern. Die Anwohner würden sich freuen!!!

  6. What a great peace of engineering, size of a building and yet it barely produces any noise at takeoff (that F430 was way louder). Sometimes I miss those thunder machines like good old DC-10, that was the proper roar of the beast. Anyway, great video, thank you for uploading. Cheers!

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