Take off compare An225 and A380 at Shannon recorded from the same place. The largest airplanes that visited Shannon!


  1. @jworthe It's even more anoying when you point out the description is incomplete, but than dont state why it's not complete… lol…
    Now I had to google where Shannon Airport is… Apparently one of the three primary airports in Ireland.

  2. the height factor. A380 looks like a hulk because of the 80ft height. And also the wings that rise up as against the droopy wings of AN-225.

  3. The An-225 is ridiculously huge. You could mount the US Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, a modified 747-100 with an empty weight of 144.2 tons on top of it, and then mount the shuttle orbiter with an empty weight of 68.6 tons on top of that, for a combined weight of 212.8 tons, and the An-225 could carry the lot, with 37.2 tons left over.

  4. That not even an antonov 225, antonov 225 only has 2 engines on each side this has 3 and the one showed on video is called antonov 125 not 225

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