comparison between the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747-8I
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  1. Neither Boeing nor Airbus received a single order for the 4 engine jumbos at the Paris Airshow, even though Airbus just upgraded the A380 to be more fuel efficient and carry 80 more passengers. The future of wide bodies belongs to airliners like the B777, B787 and the A350.

  2. Boeing is doing great and I support them but they should give it there all and build something I call a 797

  3. I really must laugh at the idiots screaming Boeing sucks or Airbus sucks. I think both are good companies and both make good products. If you were blindfolded, put in a seat, flown somewhere, taken off the plane and asked if it was a Boeing or Airbus, you wouldn't have any idea. I appreciate that Boeing is independent and has been an innovator for decades while Airbus relies on government subsidies. As far as these two aircraft go, they each have their good points but sadly they will both become dinosaurs. At least the 747 lasted over 40 years. One thing I do have to say. The 747 is the sleekest plane in the skies. The 380 fits it's name to a T. To me, on the outside, it's just an ugly flying "Bus".

  4. I love both! why do you need to hate on the other one When they are both dying, Believe mo or not they are not for long. They are both unique and special you don't need to fight for which team you choose. Atleast we will have a chance to have a glimpse of both. im just saying this as my opinion. No hate!!!!

  5. A380 only looks beautiful under British Airways otherwise nothing else. 747-8i is just balanced. A350 Is beautiful also with 787 but 777 is still my favourite twin engine aircraft and 777 may seal that deal. A330neo should be excellent and destroy 767?

  6. Hey you Avid shahid I will kill you if you say that again boeing is the best and on the other hand Boeing is more popular then the airbus every where you see there are 777 and 747 . So don't insult Boeing you will have to live with that and the Boeing 747-8 is the most fastest jetliner in the world it can go 913 km/h .

  7. They forgot to add that Airbus pilots are NOT pilots but babysitters who had better NOT touch anything if the computers are not running! The computers on those planes get paid nothing but expected to be smarter all the time than the humans who built them. If you want a pilot who is running around in more terror than you in an emergency, take an Airbus. Thier best pilots flew Airbus then retired ('Sully' Sullenberger for one).

  8. ya they are both good, i like all the two. But, if they are the king and the queen of the sky.. it must be the story of the beauty (747) and the beast (a380).
    i know, you can tell why.

  9. What I don't understand is … when you have the large nose section bringing down fuel consumption because of wind resistance … why did you only fill half the top section with paying customers … the ancient design of the 747 just shows …

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