Stelia Aerospace has just celebrated the supply of the higher fuselage right before the really 1st BelugaXL. This exceptionally large space was transported from the Rochefort web site to the Airbus middle in Toulouse by using the Itinerary to Grand Template created for the A380.

The giant mechanic of the BelugaXL continues. Stelia Aerospace announced on Thursday the supply of the higher fuselage right before the long run Airbus transportation airplane.

This segment, which is in truth the body of the cargo door, offers unconventional features: eight meters long, nine meters extensive and eight meters substantial, weighing a full of tonnes. Broader than the Airbus A380, it was transported overnight by road from the STELIA Aerospace plant to the port of Rochefort. It was then transported to Toulouse, in which the final assembly line of the BelugaXL is situated, 1st by sea and river to the port of Langon, then by road from Langon to Toulouse, &#39Itinerary to Grand Template created for the A380.

Due to the fact January 2015, the teams of a few internet sites of Stelia Aerospace (Rochefort, Saint-Nazaire and Toulouse) have labored collectively to structure, assemble and equip this “perform package deal” Associated mechanisms.

Following the structure by the structure offices of Toulouse (methods and framework) and Rochefort (mechanisms and calculations), the elementary sections had been manufactured by the internet sites of Rochefort and Saint-Nazaire as well as the suppliers of Stelia Aerospace, In advance of assembling and screening at the Rochefort web site.

The key characteristic of this two-piece “perform package deal” (soon after the framing, the cargo door itself will be delivered in September) is the complexity of location the opening and closing mechanisms of the most significant door Of airplane ever built in Europe (nearly one hundred forty m2).

The BelugaXL, derived from the Airbus A330, is the successor to the present-day BelugaST derived from the Airbus A300. The software was released in November 2014 to fulfill Airbus&#39 greater potential specifications because of to greater manufacturing rates. In this context, the aircraft manufacturer has made a decision to enhance the potential of its present BelugaST fleet and to acquire and deliver five new BelugaXLs, which will be phased in from 2019.

Visuals: one. © Airbus – two. © Stelia Aerospace

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