Emirates Airways is investigating an incident with the Airbus A380 at Moscow&#39s Domodedovo airport. The liner approximately crashed, falling to a critically reduced altitude when landing. See also: A awful flight of Royal Flight: “the aircraft prayed virtually in refrain” Pilots had been ready to land the aircraft only at the third attempt. The incident occurred on September 10, but it is acknowledged about it only now. Was this a pilot or controller error?

The planet&#39s largest Airbus A380 of the Emirates, next the EK-131 flight, dropped to a top of one hundred twenty meters at a landing pace of five hundred meters. Just after a essential approach to the ground, the aircraft began to attain altitude and went to the second spherical, but the pilots again failed to land the liner. As claimed by Aviation Herald, it landed only at the third attempt. At the exact time, visibility was usual.

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The incident with the planet&#39s largest passenger airliner A-380 on approach to Domodedovo on September 10 could be the end result of steps by pilots or a specialized malfunction, a resource familiar with the system of the investigation instructed Interfax.

“The Emirates A-380 aircraft dropped critically on September 10 prior to boarding at Domodedovo to one hundred twenty meters, and then remaining for an more spherical, but an evaluation of the work of air visitors controllers showed that their steps, as well as the state of specialized controls had been within just the limitations of the norm.The dispatchers of faults had been not authorized, “the interlocutor of the agency mentioned.

He mentioned that two major versions of the incident are becoming regarded.

“Amid the major versions are regarded the steps of pilots, the correctness of which has but to be assessed, and the specialized issue of the aircraft.” The investigation will clearly show which of these explanations could set off a essential drop in the aircraft, “the resource mentioned.

He noted that the crew did not inform air visitors controllers about any troubles. “Dispatchers from the pilots did not acquire any alerts about a malfunction or requests for support. In the post-flight poll, they also claimed that the flight was going on routinely, “the resource mentioned.

According to his data, the crew did not obey the commands of the dispatchers to adhere to a top of five hundred meters and authorized a sinking to one hundred fifty-one hundred twenty meters.

The incident with the traveling Airbus A380 from Dubai became acknowledged on September 21. The liner could land in Domodedovo only at the third attempt. On board there had been far more than 400 travellers. The UAE Civil Aviation Authority is investigating the incident.

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The UAE&#39s aviation authorities, which are investigating the incident with the Emirates airplane at Domodedovo airport, have no queries to Russian controllers, RIA Novosti claimed to the State Company for Air Targeted traffic Administration (ATM).

According to media reviews, on September 10th Emirates flight from Dubai could land in Domodedovo only at the third attempt. As claimed, on approaching the runway the aircraft dropped to a critically reduced altitude, for the second time the aircraft also failed to land.

“The incident occurred at the time of reduction for landing on the lane 14R. On board the aircraft had been 420 travellers and 26 crew members, “the report mentioned.

Reuters, in switch, informs with reference to GCAA that the incident is becoming investigated as a “significant incident”. According to the intercontinental classification, this signifies that the accident was hardly avoided.

Previously, the publication Aviation Herald claimed that on the night of September 10, the A380-800 that adopted EK131 flight from Dubai for unidentified explanations reduced to a top of one hundred twenty m at a length of about fifteen km from the runway at Domodedovo Airport (the usual altitude at this point of the glide path is far more than 600 m). The crew interrupted the tried landing and managed to land the aircraft only at the third attempt 35 minutes soon after the to start with contact. The liner did not acquire any injury, and there had been no accidents possibly.

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