A video showcasing the Airbus A380 Demonstration at EAA Airventure 2009 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. This was the first public demonstration by the A380 in the United States. The video is actually a compilation of both the arrival and departure demonstrations…so the demonstration did not have that many missed approach passes. Enjoy!


  1. good to see the products I manufactured for this aircraft is making this a great product. servos,fuel controls….. awesome plane…. w

  2. The takeoff is amazing! Loved the video. Hope all who were involved with the development of this beast the best of luck Size does add in complexity, this is simply a technological marvel. The systems involved with this aircraft are mindboggling and goes to show what teamwork can do.

  3. No way at 7:15 thats a landing its more of a crash but controled. I wonder if the pilots damaged anything from that hard hit landing. hmm….?

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