Although I have seen the massive Airbus A380 flying its stunt show multiple times it’s always amazing to watch this hugh whale flying around like a small stunt plane. It’ s unbelieveable to see such am amazing piece of engineering moving through the clouds like a feather in the wind.

Sadly I wasn’t able to go to this years Farnborough Air Show so this is a video from the prvious FAB, from 2014.

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  1. Freaks me out to see something so MASSIVE just flying around like a…whale out of water? Couldn't think of a better analogy, but oh well 😉

  2. Real shame that the Dead Sparrows weren't allowed to display but seeing them do a fly past with the A350 and A400M was a real treat

  3. dude, you get such awesome shots. May I ask, do you manage to get on airport property or are you just zoomed in at the end of the runway off airport property? I'd love to get the content you do! Cheers from Canada

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