(With Annotations) – 10 cool features on Emirates 380 Business Class (details below).

Flying is fun once again thanks to Emirates. It is almost like they have brought back a long forgotten era – an era during the 70s which were the glamor years of flying. Most wont remember, I have never really remember seeing, but sure have read of legendary airlines such as PanAm, Branniff, SAS, TWA and many more…

Flying on an Emirates these days reminds me of those times – things that I have read and seen in magazines. Its an unique experience. Here are my top 10 features on an Emirates Airbus 380. There is a two part video on the complete flying experience on an Airbus 380, this one has the top 10 features. Enjoy!

Games – Not only are there games you can play by yourself, you can also play multiplayers with others on the aircraft. In addition to games, there are hundreds of movies and songs you can watch to kill time. But, I personally, like playing some of these games as passtime!

The Bed – When I fly, its always overnight and 12+ hours long. There is nothing like taking a nap for 8-9 hours with your legs sprawled out like a baby. The seat becomes a bed and there are many ways you can configure the seat.

The Seat Massage – No, it is not your deep tissue rubba-dub-dub but honestly when you are flying 12- 14 hours straight (depending on which direction you fly) its just a nice little novelty to get ur back rubbed and release a little tightness.

The Food – It is endless. There is a bar where they always have sweet, nuts and appetizers of all kinds. In addition, you are fed three course meals. Its just great!

The Privacy Config – The way the seats are setup you will not be level with the person next to you – so you may never really see them!! The only thing you have to be remember is that the window seat are staggered – but that I mean, if the window seat in front of you is right by the window, then your window seat will not be right by the window. In fact, you will barely be able to peek out to see anything. But, the good news and why they do this is – you are going to be able to lay back completely!

The Tail Cam – So you are worried that you don’t have a window seat and you cannot look out right? Fear not, the tail cam is your window out. Its pretty cool during take off and landing and while flying thru bad weather (lol).

The Mood Light – The mood light is so funky man. Well, what they do is – they change the color of the light to adjust to your destination. If you were to land say at 8am local time on a 14 hour flight, then the mood light will sync with the local time/sunlight and change colors.

The Kit – Flying Emirates Business Class you will get a kit. Inside is some good stuff. Splash on cologne, shaving foam, toothbrush….etc. It makes the whole experience when you are abke to walk out of a 14 hour flight freshly shaved and smelling goood!!

Happy Flying guys
Cheers for now.

See the Complete Flying Experience on an Airbus A380 –


  1. Great video, I'm heading off to Oz in Jan, 26hrs on a plane + transfers & was thinking is it worth paying double.bur after seeing your video it's help me make up my mind, Business Class on Emirates is the way forward 😀

  2. Flew emirates economy past January with wife and a 10 month baby. Not a bad experience as we had reserved the bassinet seats. Service in Econ is great as well minus all the leg room on business. Flew LAX-BOM and back.

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