The business class (upper deck) service onboard Asiana Airlines A380 was excellent. This was my first visit to Incheon International Airport which is a world class airport. A great place to spend a 5 hour layover.


  1. Had a 2 hr layover at Incheon so I took the Brand new Maglav to the end of the line and back. Beutiful futuristic train station. On the way back a 10 hr layover so although I do not speak Korean, I got brave and took the train into Seoul and walk around all day, meeting all kinds of facinating nice people and seeing new things. I had some great food and everyone very tolerant and helpful. Back at the airport, they have free showers , a sleeping room, free use of computers and big comfortable massage lounge chairs. That is all accesable to anyone

  2. if i ever fly business class or first class and it has a lounge and buffet like that, i would be raiding the crap outta that buffet.

  3. Your seat is directly on the aisle and the console is to your left inbetween the seat and the aisle.  When I fly them I take the seat behind you where my seat is next to the window and the console is on the aisle.  I find that the console acts as a "buffer" between me and the rest of the plane and provides more privacy. 

  4. very ambient business class, combined with the music suits perfectly.. btw what is the title music that you are using? 😀

  5. Incheon airport looks very impressive. The cuisine onboard looked very Korean.  Don't get me wrong, I do like Korean food.  Thanks for the video. 

  6. On what routes (besides Hong Kong) does Asiana fly its A380s?  Presumably that also includes San Francisco and/or Los Angeles.

  7. Wow.I`ve never made it to Incheon but i hope i will one day.Looks like a very very descent and lushy airport. Noble and clean like Korea itself. A nice gateway for a modern and uprising dynamic country. 

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