This is a video of me boarding Singapore Airlines Airbus A380. Commments are welcome. Thanks for watching!


  1. That was a good quick video, kid. Nice job. Show us what the food was like next time you fly, but keep everything else the same! I can't wait to fly on a A380 one day myself. I've flown on about every other aircraft but this one.

  2. I don't understand why don't quality Asian 5 star airlines don't offer individual air-conditioning outlets on the overhead panels-IT'S SO ANNOYING, when you can't control your own comfort levels! Nice touch by SQ by fitting mirrors, but how do they work when you can't lift the table to face yourself.

  3. Wooow you've been flown in a lot of airplanes body!
    I only flown in the Airbus A319 lol!
    All your videos are great man, i'm suscribe to your channel.

  4. A very nice Boarding – and seat tour video of an A380 ! I like this massive cabin – walls, they gave me a big feelingof safety and security, also they keep more noise away than any other Aircraft ! Only one thing is thue: The window – Cutouts in the made of Glare – skin of the Aircraft are not bigger than in other Aircrafts, and the distance between them is bigger. If it would have as many windows as most conventional aircrafts have, an A380 would never come out by "only" 220 cabin – Windows 🙂

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